Colt Angell

Colt Angell 

Colt Angell was born at home in a place called "Hog Hollow", near St. Anthony, Idaho. His family has owned the Dirty Shame Ranch for three generations and Colt grew up working at all aspects of the family ranch, including driving truck, operating heavy equipment, running a drill rig and carpentry. Like most western ranchers, he has had to become a "jack of all trades" just to keep things running.

Colt began playing music at the age of five and has become a master with the guitar, fiddle, bass guitar, mandolin, drums, piano, accordion and just about any other musical instrument he gets interested in. He often plays in the local bars but is also well known around Nashville as a part of the "Riders in the Sky" team.

Colt has recently begun building an old-west town on some of the family property where he will provide a chuckwagon dinner with entertainment.

This is Colt at the Cowboy Poets of Idaho
Annual Gathering in St. Anthony, Idaho
performing his original song: "Wild Side".

Colt has been a member of the Cowboy Poets of Idaho for over 22 years and has recently been nominated for the Golden Note Award. He is also a member of the Western Music Association.

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