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The best part of the Cowboy and Western entertainment has been the fabulous people I've gotten to meet and perform with.

I know we all look forward to these gatherings, not just because we get to perform Charlie Camden(Show Off!) or not, certainly, because any of us are making lots of money at it.

No, most of us travel hundreds of miles. We sleep in motels, bedrooms loaned to us by great people we have never met before, campers and, quite often, in our cars. all this on our own nickel, with the hopes that enough people will buy our CDs and books so we will have enough money to make the drive home.

You won't see us on major network TV and we get very little radio air-time with our music. Some of us have become or are becoming well known in the little Western Entertainer community but you couldn't call any of this "Fame and Fortune".

No, the main reason we are doing Rustythis is because we get to associate with the most wonderfull people on the earth. The ones who loan out bedrooms and showers for us. Those who provide food and a warm place to sleep. and, of course, the other performers.

Smoke Wade These last few years, as I have travelled around the northwest, I have had my faith in America and her people restored many times. I can't express enough my gratitude to all those whom I have met in the last five years or so.

Les Merrill
So, I expect to update this page often, adding pictures as they happen. If I see you down the trail somewhere, let's get our picture taken together so I can put it here!

Bannock group picture Lacey Pierry

More pictures of both performers and fans from many of the shows I've attended.